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Who cooked up this idea?

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  • Ian2

    That's a voice over from Bryan Cranston of 'Breaking Bad'.

    I reckon the only 'happening' actor that is currently held in more esteem is Benedict Cumberbatch ? 

    Still , they must have thought long and hard before deciding to associate their product with a drug dealer.

  • cbae

    Not just a dealer. User as well.

  • TheJoe


    Well, Apple fanboys are alot like meth heads.

  • Ian2

    Currently suffering BB Withdrawal (finished over XMAS) anticipating Sherlock withdrawal will kick in soon. 

    In the meantime here is some more Brian Cranston:


    One for the IMAX 3d methinks.

  • ScanIAm

    He's been lending his voice to 'Big History' on the history channel.  In 20 minutes of airtime, you get 5 pieces of information and most of it was covered in better detail on "connections" years ago.

    He's a couple gigs away from ruining Heisenberg....

  • Ian2

    , ScanIAm wrote

    He's a couple gigs away from ruining Heisenberg....


    Hopefully someone will come up with a compensator (do you see what I did there?)

  • ScanIAm

    I do, indeed, see what you did there....

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