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Who moved my cheesy wotsits?

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    Looks like the end of the line for Live Tile News though ironic (given the reasoning) that the biggest promotor of the app was the BBC and the biggest detractor (at least literally) was MS!


    Your app Live Tile News has been unpublished.
    Generic Forum ImageGeneric Forum Image
    We reviewed your app Live Tile News, found some problems, and had to unpublish it. For more information, see the failures in our report.

    You'll need your Microsoft account info to access this report.

    If you have Promote My App ads, please delete them to prevent advertising charges:
    • Log into pubCenter or Dev Center, click Promote My App and end campaigns for this app
    • If you have issues deleting your ads, contact support.

    Thank you,
    The Windows Store Team 

     For anyone interested:

    App Policies: 10.1 Unique Creative Value or Utility

    Your app and its associated metadata must accurately and clearly reflect the source, functionality, and features of your app.

    • The screenshots, app name, developer name, tile, category and app description, and any other related metadata you provide with your app, should make it easy for a user to understand the functions, features, and any important limitations of your app.
    • Your app may not use a name or icon similar to that of other apps.
    • You should not represent your app to be from a company, government body, or other entity if you do not have permission to make that representation.
    • If your app contains content or features restricted to certain languages, markets or geographies or has other important limitations, they should be clearly described.
    • Your app must be fully functional and offer customers unique, creative value or utility.
    • If your app declares an association with a given file type or extensibility point, it must provide the functionality that a customer would expect, given that association. For example, if your app declares an association with the .jpg file type, the app should be able to open the image for viewing or editing.


    Locations: LiveTileNews.xap, Metadata

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