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View Thread: Why Obamacare Was Ruled Unconstitutional
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    @dahat:dose that even matter? My brother company plan increase 30% this year . I do not see the different between my personal insurance and his company insurance. It is not really an issuance issue to begin with. The medic bill in general is high due to freeloaders and law suits. Even if you go to Nevada or other state, the price is the same due to across the broad price increase.

    Anyway your insurance rate is based on city, not state. In California, my mom insurance is cheaper if she moves her address to an other city some miles away. It is like car insurance, the car model is a major factor, not which state you are in. It is much more local than state wide.


    Btw the out of state drug price is like Canada or Taiwan.  I thought you mean out of united states . Same American drug , same brand, same drug, is cheaper in other country.