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View Thread: Why Obamacare Was Ruled Unconstitutional
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    I am absolutely sick of all of this polarizing debate. How about some solutions? The best congress can do it celebrate republicans and democrats sitting next to each other during the state of the union address. I think they must have gotten the idea from the education plans for a kindergartner class. OMFG! Sitting next to each other?!?!? What a bunch of 5 year olds!

    So my boss says next year we may end up on a cafeteria plan instead of the great health coverage we have now. Why? Because each and every year the costs go up 15-20%. That's a great system as long as your on the side that makes money off the sick & injured.

    The sad truth is that a vast majority of Americans (a.k.a. Joe six-packs) out there are stupid enough to believe the rederick from either side or from the news media which gets us absolutely no where. Hate & fear are the easiest hooks to motivate people. It works just as well for Osama Bin Laden getting recruits as it does for politicians and the news media in manipulating us. Just scream "It's Un-American!" and wrap it in a flag and you've got most people believing you hook, line and sinker.