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View Thread: Why Obamacare Was Ruled Unconstitutional
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    There was a thread about this here earlier, and my main point about public health care systems is that its a tradeoff, you're trading weakenesses in a market system for weaknesses in a public system. Public health care systems have to find ways to control costs, and different governments manage it in different ways. Whether its queues, or controlling doctor pay, or rationing (more rationing than would occur under a functioning free market system). Giving it to the government isn't a magical solution.

    When we're talking about reforming the US health care system, however, I think we have to recognize that we already have government involvement, in areas like Medicare and Medicaid and free clinics. So I think the goal with the US system should be twofold : improve the public side of the system so that works better, and improve the market side of the system so that works better. On the public side, we should work to make sure it covers everyone who can't afford care. On the private side, we should do some reforms that add more competition. If more competition on the private side lowers costs, it'll also lower the costs of public care.