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View Thread: “Why Windows is slower” - a 'rant' from within WinDiv
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    Other people have posted equally revealing, if not quite so snarky, posts on the internal goings on of Microsoft without all the elaborate privacy measures. 

    The series of posts on the rise and fall of WinFS gives a lot of insight into the politics at play within and between the WinDiv and DevDiv teams, and it's hosted on the official blog platform.

    I know it's against corporate culture to air your dirty laundry in public, but it actually make the process feel more real to us as outsiders. It's comforting to know that even large organisations that like to portray themselves as such well oiled machines are actually subject to similar levels of internal dysfunction to that which we experience on the outside.

    I know I've been reading MiniMSFT (which has been quiet for a while now) and the like for years, hoping to catch a glimpse of what is actually going on behind the curtain.

    It's probably more healthy to let employees let fly the odd Steve Yegge now and again, to relieve the tension, than to bottle it up for years and contribute to an unhealthy work environment.