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View Thread: “Why Windows is slower” - a 'rant' from within WinDiv
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    , evildictait​or wrote

    The employee was absolutely right to be scared shitless. If Microsoft finds out who posted it, they're going to get fired.

    That's not to say he doesn't have some valid points. Indeed, I can identify with several of the points he's making (teams really hate "inheriting" code that they didn't write, and it's much easier to write new code than repair old code, for instance).

    But the reason he's gonna get fired when they find out who it is isn't because he's making these points, but because of how he's making these points.

    If you have a problem with your employer, talk to your boss. If your boss doesn't listen, talk to his boss. If he doesn't listen, write your CV and go somewhere where your talents will be appreciated.

    Writing a negative post about your employer online on a site that you know is going to use it as ammunition against your and your colleagues is always going to get you fired when they find out. That's not just "how Microsoft works". That's how every company in America works.

    If you read what this guy is saying, more then just technical criticism of NT, he is saying that NT's problems come from the fact that Microsoft is so rotten from the inside that internal criticism probably wouldn't be productive. I've read MiniMSFT quite a lot and it's obvious he's not the only Microsoft employee that feels that way.

    But I'm sensing a pattern here. I point out something horrible, you say "the rest of the tech industry is like this". But, it's always easy to use Google as a counterexample. The famous Google criticism guy cbae mentioned even used his real name. And IIRC was never fired and even said that it would be ridiculous for a company like Google to fire an employee over public criticism, because the company is better then that.

    I''m really not personally trying to even promote Google in any way.. but they somehow just keep proving over and over much better they are then the rest of tech industry when it comes to stuff like this. Maybe that's also why they have been consistently rated a much better place to work for then Microsoft and why the guy complains that Google is hiring away all of Microsoft's best talent.