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View Thread: Why all the C/C++ interest all of a sudden?
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    @DevTomSch: I think it ought to be clear at this point that the ultimate intention is to kill off Win32 entirely, but there were clearly a bunch of old API's that were still going to be needed for the time being either because they're difficult to effectively refactor into the OO WinRT world or because they're less widely used and therefore can wait till the next revision to be given the full treatment.

    Any notion that this wasn't all part of a bigger plan long before the first previews of Win8 is clearly wrong. Quite why they felt they couldn't simply say something about there being a story for C# and VB developers is beyond me. I can only assume it was felt that any attempt to clarify matters might have ended up with them saying that .NET and Silverlight were (effectively) now legacy technologies, which would then have required them to start talking about WinRT earlier than planned.