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View Thread: Why all the C/C++ interest all of a sudden?
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    some more funny hints.

    CLR was called COR or 'Component Object Runtime', as the next version of COM.

    .NET was called  NGWS or 'Next Generation Windows Services'.

    .NET has these goals:

    Improved User Experience Puts People in Control
    Ease of Use/Simplicity
    Internet Standards
    Business Integration and Opportunity

    .NET has such a component

    .NET User Experience. A new set of technologies for building next-generation user experiences, including the new Universal Canvas XML-based compound information architecture, natural user interface, ......

    and .NET Passport has a role in the picture,

    So Windows 8 looks like a 'reimplementation' of all these vision of NGWS, 10 years after, right ?

    Gates RULEZ!