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View Thread: Why did Microsoft Destroy Bing?
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    what a horrible thing.  It has nothing to do with Bing.

    The company, if you click on "about these ads", shows a way to uninstall this.  Once I have uninstalled this, it no longer appears on search engine results pages.

    Two things are suprising and odd.

    1. This ad company assumes that some people will not mind and like these ads
    2. It somehow jumped onto my computer without me having to agree to anything

    What one man calls a virus, another calls "aggressive advertising innovation".  The ads are mainstream (I mean, WERE, mainstream) and what one might see on television.  In a world where people love commercials, they would be celebrated and embraced and this ad company would be award winning.  In my world, they were very annoying.

    Since they were right there on the search engine results page, and since they seemed to exist on a bing page and not on other search engine pages, it was rational for me to assume that Microsoft had something to do with it.  Sorry about that.