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View Thread: Why does Microsoft hate Visio?
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    Microsoft hates Visio. Here is why:   

     - Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010: $124.81    
    Microsoft Outlook 2010: $109.99  
    Microsoft Visio Standard 2010: $209.77 

    And even worse Visio standard has most of the neat features stripped out: 

     - floor plan 
     - Engineering diagrams 
     - Web site mapping 
     - et al    

    I keep saying to people "use Visio for that" and I keep hearing back "What is Visio?" Since most people don't have access to it and the few who do have access aren't aware of it because they lack the training.  

    The other annoying thing is that nobody pays for Visio. Which is to say that large companies get it for "free" as part of their inexpensive Office licences, and small business don't need it enough to pay the insane prices as above. 

    How many Visio standard stand-alone licences does Microsoft sell a year? One? The page has only 8 reviews compared to 400+ for Office and 100 for Outlook stand-alone.   

    Outlook for $100 almost seems reasonable. But who pays $200 for Visio? It is great but $200 of greatness? Can you imagine if they tried to charge $200 for something like OneNote or PowerPoint? 

    Plus Microsoft are just forcing people into using largely free HTML5 services. These services are getting better and better too, and frankly with Microsoft hiding Visio in a corner I don't see that trend ever turning around.    

    PS - I actually really love Visio; but I only have access because of work. I cannot get a copy at home. The pricing/availability is too moronic.