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View Thread: Why does Microsoft hate Visio?
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    I agree.  Visio is great -- I could hardly get along without it.  But I am stuck with Visio 2000 (after having my 2003 license taken away), and can't get anything newer.  Our fancy Corporate Office licenses do not cover things like Visio and Project.  We used to have to buy Visio licenses separately.  Now we are not even allowed to buy it.

    Visio has always been too expensive and too unknown.  Most people don't even know about it.  (I see a lot of people saying "what's Visio" as they struggle to draw block diagrams in Excel.)  It seems like MS is trying to make it go away.  I know the sales volumes are low, but it has no marketing or store presence, and many can't afford it if they can find it.