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Why does onedrive never let me change the configuration?

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    I have windows 10 now and I still can't pick what directory onedrive writes or syncs to.

    Why for the love of god can't I right click on onedrive in the file explorer and open up the settings and syncing?

    When I try to run any type of onedrive app it just opens up the damn file explorer!

    This has been bothering me for 5 or how every many years.

    Now, yes I've binged how to change the settings and all that. And there's supposed to be a 'OneDrive'  under windows 10 Settings->System

    But it's not there.

    I think when I installed one drive there were some options that came up and I turned all syncing off.  Now I want to sync one folder, but I want to be able to keep turning it off and on.

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    Use the tray icon...

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    That actually did work.  But in order to change the location of the drive, I had to unsync it and go through the setup and and text a code again.  Very hard to understand.

    The 1TB storage with office365 might actually be worth it then if I can get this to work.

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