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View Thread: Why is XP Support for .NET 4.5 not happening?
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    , Vaccano wrote

    e upgrade as best as possible (my corporation has blocked .net 4.5 from all computers).

    But in the end it would have made everything so much better if XP support was there.  Or failing that, make .net 4.5  a side-by-side install so that it does not mess up development of .net 4.0 apps.

    No, it would have made things much much worse. Take the time to watch the following videos

    Engineering .NET to work side by side, would have been doubling their workload for people like your organization that will not move on with the times

    The fact of the matter is that presently the traditional desktop is inconsequential to Microsoft's vision, and your complains are quite selfish, and self serving.

    Maybe you get a thrill out of posting tirelessly about what is a non-issue for 75% (if that number does not alarm you, nothing will - it completely negates your argument) of people, so you thinking that making a fuss in this thread will change anything, as as misguided as your organizations unwillingness to move on.

    This post really is quite boring now, with some really fine minds making it abundantly clear why you are wrong, but like a troll you will keep coming back with irrational and ill argued assertions.