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View Thread: Why is XP Support for .NET 4.5 not happening?
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    @figuerres -  I agree that XP is been kept running longer than it should.  But that is because Microsoft failed so hard with Vista.  

    But "should" does not change the fact that a quarter of the customers developers create apps for are running Windows XP.

    @Zippy - Assuming?  Please go take a look on connect at the list of bugs that have been resolved and closed as fixed for .net 4.5.  If you find even 5% that say they will be fixed in .net 4.0 as well, then I will be astounded.

    MS is not planning to fix any of these bugs in .net 4.0 (at least as far as they have announced anyway).

    Here are the links to the full lists of bugs (there is no way to filter on Fixed as apposed to External, Won't Fix etc, but there are plenty of fixed items in the list.)


    ...pushing Windows XP SP3 and IE8 to Windows XP was a tragic mistake that encouraged users to stick with XP rather than putting in place an upgrade strategy for business.

    Microsoft are actively trying to kill XP, just like they are trying to kill IE6.

    I agree with you.  What is making me upset is that they are making me pay for their mistakes.  I want them to find a way to kill their products that does not cause me to have to suffer for their mistakes.

    They messed up with Vista, they messed up with the SP3 and IE8.  This has resulted in the prologed life of Windows XP.  This FACT is there: A quarter of all machines in North America are using it.  Developers should not have to take the hit (in either lost customers or extra development and support costs) for Microsoft's mistakes.

    Making developers suffer because they have caused XP to live longer than it should have is NOT the right way to force out XP.