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View Thread: Why is XP Support for .NET 4.5 not happening?
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    "But Windows XP has the most market share out there!  (A whopping 44%)  Of all operating systems on the planet, it has the most"

    I think that's only true if you include Asia, where there is massive use of pirated XP.

    According to
    Nth. America:  XP: 26%  Win7: 48%
    Sth. America:  XP: 34%  Win7: 54%
    Europe:           XP: 32%  Win7: 46%
    Australia:        XP: 23%   Win7: 47%
    Africa:            XP: 39%   Win7: 51%
    Asia:              XP: 57%   Win7: 34%

    In all regions other than Asia, use of XP is falling steadily and Win7 rising at the inverse rate.