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View Thread: Why is XP Support for .NET 4.5 not happening?
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    , Vaccano wrote

    @Blue Ink:

    Really, I don't care what the real reason is for XP's prolonged life.

    All that concerns me is the fact that it HAS been prolonged and Microsoft has failed to manage it into an end of life scenario.

    The fact still remains that a quarter of all machines in North America are running XP.  Developers are now faced with the choice of lost customers or higher development and support costs.

    Because Microsoft failed to manage THEIR platform's lifespan they are going to just make developers cope with the pain of their failure. 


    Dude, you are wasting your breath.I am glad that there is no longer support for XP, as a decade is long enough, and that operating system is decrepit, when you look at new hardware and the possibilities available.

    As Aldous Huxley writes "rolling around in the muck, is not the best way of getting clean". If you listed to Jason Zander, they have shaved off terabytes in their Visual Studio 2012 builds.

    I don't mean this impolitely, but the world has moved on, it is about time you did. If you choose not to, then that is your problem, not ours or Microsoft's!