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View Thread: Why not move all the Metro stuff to Windows Phone and be done with it? What is this mutant for?
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    After more playing around with 8 I don't get this thing at all. Using it without any touch is clunky, and touch just sucks in a typical desktop working position.

    I understand the need for leet gadgets - well, you have an OS for that already: Windows Phone. Just keep developing Windows Phone, add all your Metro apps there and touchify and storify it as much as you want but don't kill the traditional Windows product in the process.

    To this date I liked every new Windows version, even the "bad" ones like Vista and ME, hell, I defended Vista on this forum alone multiple times.. but this touch abnomation?! No way.

    The only way I would be fine with Windows 8 is if there would be a way to completely deactivate Metro or at least make it so that you won't notice it much (add a start menu!) and some sort of promise that the traditional Desktop won't get deprecated for at least ten years.