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    You could call it Business 101 "managing expectations" blunder. I'm sure few did expect that C9 would turn from a very casual site to the other extreme, where the front page is flooded with stuff that makes no sense whatsoever (Unless Russinovich comes out saying that Azure is fully DDOS-proof with no surprise-extra cost to the customer and this can be afforded by any client, which would make it of some interest and practical value for eg. running hobbyist forums - until then I don't want to see a single Azure video because there is no Unique Selling Proposition to speak off and I consider them as just corporate agenda driven spam).

    Similar blunder with Windows 8. I claim that most people expected there to be a tablet UI in addition to a traditional desktop UI experience done such that the usability of desktops is not hindered by the addition of the tablet UI. ie. If I have a desktop and upgrade to Windows 8, I don't want to learn a new "paradigm", since there are enough new things to learn if I get a Windows 8 tablet. This is like moving the locations of keys on a standard keyboard. I never buy those keyboards with weird key location or removed insert key and anyone seen using one will get quickly educated about why pianos don't come with different key layouts every couple years, only the size of keys and the timbre changes (assuming they are tuned to standard pitch).

    Scientific fact is that people have a good spatial memory, and even if my house or files on my HDD might look like a mess to you, I can find things decades later as long as they haven't been moved in the interim (winners of memory championships use a memorization system that take advantage of this fact). (When I buy a bigger new HDD and upgrade OS, the smaller HDD that went out becomes a sub folder in the bigger HDD with the small HDD staying as a backup - I get both a clean slate and a snapshot in time of the upgrade, I then use folder naming and NTFS Search to find things in 1 second from 6 million files - I only have to remember one of: partial folder/file name, rough year I last used it, or the navigation path to the folder - I have 25 years of files and I can find anything I need from any year in couple seconds despite things looking entirely unorganized mess to anyone else, because only I have the spatial & time information in my head to locate them even if the file name is just ""- a large reason why I have to use custom batch files to move folders since Windows likes changing timestamp of folders when they are moved between partitions/drives which messes up the timeline in my head of when I last worked with those folders etc making sorting by modification date useless)

    So that long post boils down to: Regular Joes recognize that Windows 8 has some agenda driven design decisions, forcing people to use Metro/Modern whether they need it currently or not. People will move there naturally if there is value to be found, don't expect it in "Modern V1.0"

    On my desktop, the Metro UI should at most be behind a new "Metro Orb", and perhaps come from double tapping Windows-key for example. Moving mouse to desktop corners should not cause anything to happen as that makes the experience like playing Quake, trying to be extremely accurate in avoiding activation of those hotspots when you don't want them. And of course the Windows 7 start menu should be there identically or just improved rather than replaced. There are some other changes I don't like either (longer boot time for non-Windows OS when going through Windows 8 boot menu and various power user stuff hard to find now) but they are not complete show stoppers.