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    TexasToast wrote

    Evil, on another subject, your a smart guy (I like a lot of your posts on the technical side),  why do you care if some of these guys * about things they don't like.  When you complain about them you become one of them and rattle their cages more.

    I was only doing it because I like to challenge opinions which I feel are too heavily biased. For this reason I kind of end up appearing really strongly Microsoft-biased on C9 because there's so little counter-balance to some of the anti-Microsoft statements made here that I routinely end up having to play devil's advocate on behalf of Microsoft just to challenge those who are being critical of it. Actually at Microsoft when I visit I'm usually seen as quite strongly critical of many of their decisions because the roles are entirely reversed (I actually raised the start menu with the UX team so often during January last year that it was almost a catchphrase).

    I originally complained about complaining just because it felt like someone needed to point out the obvious (indeed so obvious that at least two other people have opened threads to note the fact): that excessive complaining on C9 was creating a negative atmosphere and clearly wasn't solving the problems that were being brought up, and so I thought rather than debating the issues (which had already been debated to death), that we should all call it quits and decide that (for example) Windows 8 doesn't have a start menu, and that everyone on C9 is aware that some other people on C9 think that this is a bad thing.

    I didn't want to halt rational discourse on the (or any) subject; I'm certainly opposed to blanket censorship of any topic on C9 -  I just really wanted the negativity to just halt for a short while to let people catch their breath and allow some more positive threads to reach the top of C9 and stop scaring away some of our more interesting contributors with excessive negativity.

    I never really expected that my suggestion would be met with such resistance. Perhaps I was naive to think that having pointed out the negativity that those on both sides of the undying debatapocalypse threads would see the effect that being negative pushes good contributors away and doesn't really solve any problems, but I can see now that I was probably wrong to think that. I suppose it's pretty clear that this kind of meta-complaining didn't really help, so I've decided to stop complaining about it, and will in future just ignore the toxic threads and hope they burn themselves out.

    On the other hand, It was fun to watch some people taking it up a notch by complaining about the meta-complaining.

    I'll be the first to say that I'm not perfect, and I deserve a fair slice of the blame I suppose for fanning the flames. But anyway, it's a new year and nearly a new Spring - and there's always time to try something new and go in a different direction.

    So anyway, here's to C9 in 2013. May it be better, more positive, more interesting and more friendly to all of our contributors! Yay us!