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    I realize that no matter what I say this is probably going to come off as a "You should never say anything bad about Microsoft" post to some degree, but I just felt the need to say this regardless.  I've been "lurking" on channel9 since early 2005.  I even had an account back in the day (Kental) that I used to post on.

    I gotta be honest though, even though I pretty much come around daily still, it's becoming harder and harder to do so.  I'm almost guaranteed to either find a thread about how much Microsoft sucks or why Windows 8 is terrible or why there's absolutely no hope because Apple is doing so well, and so on.  When I first started lurking here there was a lot of discussion ranging between a variety of topics, but now all the posts are either one person being super negative or replies to that person discussing the merits of topics typically blown far out of proportion.  There are still a few of you I look forward to seeing topics from (Sven Groot, "Ian2", Dr Herbie, etc.), but it's just not the same anymore, unfortunately.

    I probably sound like I have "old man" syndrome talking about how I wish things were like the "gold old days" right now, but I figured I'd post this to say my bit about it, regardless.  I feel like I've been around long enough to warrant it. Tongue Out

    Here's to another several years with C9 and I hope this "phase" that we've been in for at least the last year, maybe two years, will pass, and we can all try to find some positives to talk about instead of just talking about how bad things are.

    tl;dr version: I miss the lively conversations we used to have Smiley  Most of you guys are still pretty awesome, but I honestly feel like too many people have been scared off by the sheer volume of negativity and vitriol.  It's sad Sad