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    , magicalclick wrote


    Yeah, I understand what you mean by tone, although I am not sure which hurts more. The "elite polite" attitude is not really helping IMO. 

    It is entirely reasonable to agree to disagree. Reasonable discourse does not require one person to "win" the argument. It just requires everyone to be civil.

    For instance, I recognise that many people on C9 don't like Windows8's decision to not have a start menu, and I respect (although disagree with) their opinion that it is a deficiency. The point is that they have stated their position, and those who disagree with them have stated theirs. Neither side is budging so the best that can be achieved is to agree to disagree.

    That's why I keep saying that we shouldn't be having those discussions. Not I think critiscm of MS is unwelcome on C9 - far from it - but because we've already had that discussion and because most of what's posted doesn't move the conversation forwards, it just keeps echoing the same conversation over and over.