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    , evildictait​or wrote


    If you're making the app for yourself, you don't need to go through the store or get an enterprise licence.


    I know that.   It is more or less making test apps or utility apps that I would distribute to a department or maybe a dozen people to facilitate some functions in making their job easier.   It is not always enterprise because some of these apps go outside of the company.   I am sticking with windows 7 desktop but a path forward on windows metro is not an option.  I think also LOB developers will have some of these same problems.   Also even on the phone,  if you just wanted to write your own family map and you go over the number of registered devices you have a problem.  They are taking some of the fun out of it.   Android does not have this problem by the way. ( and no I am not a fan of Android .. just sayin) 

    Evil, on another subject, your a smart guy (I like a lot of your posts on the technical side),  why do you care if some of these guys * about things they don't like.  When you complain about them you become one of them and rattle their cages more.