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View Thread: Why so much negativity?
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    , evildictait​or wrote


    Well, let's wait two years and come back and see if Windows8 is a success or not. 

    It's not about its success in two years. It's about problems it creates now and how we deal with them. It's also a matter of trust: do we trust Microsoft to show us a better way in the coming months or years or do we move our customers on to another technology that we feel would serve them better. As a long time developer I'd prefer to stick with Microsoft but they had made it needlessly difficult to do so.

    , Charles wrote

    @exoteric: Agreed. Nobody's saying don't criticize, we're saying be critical in a thoughtful way, also known as shared critical thinking. Let's have the conversation, but let's do it in an intelligent way. 


    That goes both ways Charles. Complainer and fanboy alike. It's pretty clear that there are as many here would rudely put down a criticism as there are those who rudely criticize.