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    Coffeehouse 9 has always been driven by Niners. We let conversations happen versus delete the ones we don't think fit Microsoft's marketing and communication goals (remember our doctrine?).

    I agree that a few sour apples are stinking up the Coffeehouse. It's unfortunate and I have found myself ready to ban them, but they haven't done anything that requires their removal from our community besides starting pointless, uninteresting, time-wasting threads.

    You have the power to change this, Niners. For example, rather than posting about how you wish it were different you could post something interesting for us to talk about, engaging Niners in meaningful conversation. It's that easy.

    Ignore the trolls. Don't feed them. Make a point of just not replying to their nonsense and their threads will naturally disappear. It's that easy.

    Niners own the Coffeehouse. This is your place. Do something about what's wrong. Don't just talk about it being wrong. It's that easy.

    All that said, great to have you back! Make a difference!

    Keep on posting,