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View Thread: Why still no native support for WP mango?
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    @spivonious: You draw too many conclusions from my words, folks... I simply said "be patient". The most important thing I said was "nativesupport  was never promised for Mango". That could mean anything...

    Obviously, the WP7 team listens to requests from customers (Mango makes it clear that they act on feedback, as well) and this one has been requested since the first release. It's not a simple problem to solve, technically... There is no conspiracy against native devs.

    So, to be really clear: Like many of you,  I hope they're listening about native support. That's all.

    Not sure what makes you think Mango is the last of a line... That's just unfounded. Don't associate my comments with this notion please. Being patient has nothing to do with this....