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Why your phone Rox

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    - big screen
    - clear big photos
    - retina quality display
    - excellent video taking
    - fast
    - LOUD (i dont even bring out Jambox)

    so ya - lots to like. didnt want to only post negatives

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    i loaded ios7 on the 2 old iphone 4s today (one took 2 hours - the other 10 minutes:

    anyway - i think i loaded it... it is hard to see ... the icons are so thin - almost a parody of metro - ha ha - but the jokes on apple - you cant see them

    i liked xp. i like colour

    but it was a bit romper room for me

    that said - win phone could do with less scrolling and squares Tongue Out


    edit: maybe :

    - round all corners on boxes

    - give more space between the boxes to see your own wallpaper

    - make boxes transparent

    - allow customization of that



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