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View Thread: Win Rumors: Silverlight isn't dead, its the heart of WP7, W8, and Xbox
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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    and Windows Phone are sound there are two concerns I have with this:

    1. Microsoft hasn't said anything that remotely resembles this senario. After the last debacle over Silverlight's "death" you think Microsoft would have learned about the importance of keeping their dev's informed and being at least remotely honest and transparent with us.

    I am still holding out hope that they want to make some big splash at Build by announcing Jupiter and the ability to write an app once and run on xbox, phone, and pc. It's my last thread of hope before the HTML+JS apocalypse.

    Check out this post: and the one following it. Specifically, take a look at this screenshot:

    (I saw someone else link to this thread in another post so hopefully its not against any rules)

    Edit: I tried in vain to fix that first link, right down to editing the html, but could not make it display the link properly. Oh well.