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View Thread: Win8 Media Center Update Failed, then fixed.
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    , spivonious wrote

    @Dr Herbie: Just got the key.

    I noticed in the fine print, "Offer valid from October 26, 2012, until January 31, 2013, and is limited to one product key per email address. In addition, each product key can only be used with one computer."

    This is mainly for me to test out PowerDVD 11 to see if it works with Windows 8. The Metro Netflix app is so much better than the WMC Netflix plugin that I'm really hoping to upgrade my HTPC to Windows 8.

    So I got around to testing this out. PowerDVD11 installs and runs fine on its own, but the link from within WMC just hangs at a blue screen. Not too bad, since I can launch PDVD from the Start Screen and have it start in Cinema Mode.