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Windows 10 Aero

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    So when is the Aero theme showing up in windows 10?   

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    Don't know. My dad is asking for it as well.

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    in the preview they did a few tests of some effects but has there been any kind of "official" word about this ?

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    Transparency and blur are already part of Windows 10.  The Taskbar and Start menu both include a small bit of each.

    As for window title bars and such, the last I heard was that they didn't do it because UWP apps are able to fully customize the title bar area (think Netflix making its title bar red, or Edge and Chrome putting tabs in the title bar space).  I also heard they were investigating the possibility of doing something in that area, but it probably involves balancing user requests for transparent title bars with developer requests to fully customize that area.

    EDIT:  Looks like a new Insider build just dropped and it appears to support changes to colors in title bars and other aspects of the system.

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    Anyone has news about Aero ?

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    Nothing new on translucent title bars, but they rolled out 10532 to insiders that starts to add consistency to the context menus. It's good to see them actually paying attention to some of these issues.

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    Already available.

    Does it matter whether Microsoft does it?  Their implementations are generally poor anyway.

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    @NoelCarboni: People got upset when Microsoft takes away their precious features. That's it.

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