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Windows 7 restarts itself from hibernate

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    I have windows 7 64 bits in my home and at the office, I enabled hibernation on both machines as described here.

    The problem is that the work machine restart itself after 5 or so seconds, I already disable the wake timers on the advanced options of the power settings, I also disable the network card to wake up the machine.

    Where I can see whats the device that's waking up the machine?.



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    Seems like the 'powercfg' -lastwake, command should be able to help you here.

    Though waking from hibernate is more of a hardware thing than a software one.

    I got fed up with having a home-made machine that wouldn't stay asleep so I eventually went and bought a pre-built 'designed for Windows 7' machine that goes to sleep, stays asleep, and wakes up to record programs with Media Center properly.

    I don't like doing things like that, the other machine worked well enought otherwise and there has to be a reason behind it waking up, but finding out what it is doesn't seem to be very straight-forward.


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    @jmzl666: If the powercfg -lastwake command doesn't help, make sure you have all of the latest drivers and BIOS updates for your machine.

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    @spivonious: I installed the latest drivers for Win 7 yesterday, let's see if that helps (I already had the latest BIOS), the estrange thing is that when this machine had XP 32 bit professional I never had a problem with Hibernation.

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