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Windows 8 ARM setup , like X86 ?

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    I would like to know if the setup of Windows 8  tablet  ARM  will be as simple as  PC X86 , or is blocked as a smartphone ?

    This is possible ?

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    Not entirely sure I understand your question. It's certainly going to be possible to buy ARM machines in a laptop form factor that will run Windows 8, one was in fact demonstrated during the original previews of Windows 8.

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    I guess he's asking will you be able to walk up to any ARM laptop with an windows disk/memory.stick and just (re)install windows like can today, or will you need a special version of the OS for each laptop, like you do with ROMS for phones.

    I'd hope for the former.

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    I don't think you will be able to buy the ARM version of Windows 8 in a store and only OEM's will be able to put them on a ARM device.

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    untill Microsoft says more we really do not know, we are just guessing.

    they might do any or all of the options....  it may depend on the device, slates might be pre-loaded and locked but laptop/convertables may not.  .... we really have no way to know for sure.

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    The ARM build of Windows will be shipped on a CD or with the laptop and will be generic (i.e. there will be Windows 8 ARM edition). The OS will manage all of the per-processor specifics in software.

    You will not be able to use a Windows 8 x86 CD on an ARM machine or vice-versa.


    Note that you might need laptop specific drivers, so I'd always be careful about just reinstalling over the OEM image, but that's your call. Windows will work, but your various devices are a whole different issue.

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    None of us at Microsoft can say anything until //build/ in September.


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    if the .net framework can run on a windows phone, why can it not be used on a non windows phone?  Or can it?

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