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    , DCMonkey wrote

    So, it looks like someone has taken up the task of calling out some of the truly terrible Windows 8 Apps that are getting into the Windows 8 App Store. Examples include trivial "games"  submitted dozens of times under different names, rebadged SDK samples, and my personal favorite: App13.

    I myself have seen quite a few apps with the default template gray background and box-with-an-x icon. And no-one should go wanting for a unit converter app on Windows 8. Is MS going to crack down on this tripe?

    How is this different from any other app store? Microsoft (and Apple and Google) aren't in the game of deciding what apps are "good enough" to be in their store... and if they were you'd have a different complaint thread about them censoring. Just look at the complaints made every time that Apple rejects an app, not based on whether it's good enough, but for other reasons. We all can smell a fart app when we see it, but banning them is a slippery slope and not something Microsoft should do.