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    @DCMonkey: The plot thickens.


    Windows8 Rubbish Apps said:

    I feel like I've uncovered a conspiracy and I have no idea what to do with the information!

    I emailed both Kusuma Sruthi and Pavan Kumar asking them why they had felt the need to submit their game multiple times to the Windows 8 store. I wasn't really expecting a response. Yet both replied, pretty quickly, saying that they were told to do it but would remove the duplicates if I told them to. Was my email written with such authority?

    Both claim to have been contacted by POOJA PATIL and told "to upload our apps with DIFFERENT NAMES and with SAME SOURCE CODE". Whilst Pavan Kumar claimed not to have contact details he did say that she was from Microsoft. Kusuma Sruthi was more forthcoming with both a email address and an Indian mobile number. A brief Googling confirms the existence of a Pooja Patil with this phone number working for Microsoft to organise the Windows 8 Guiness World Record attempt in Bangalore.

    Why would someone from Microsoft have told these two developers to submit their game multiple times? Were they really so desperate for apps that they encouraged this cloning? Were they really expecting that no one would notice?

    I feel on a mission now to find a third developer to confirm this suspicion! Have you noticed any clones in the store?