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Windows 8 Apps: Xaml vs. HTML5

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    XAML has a pretty steep learning curve: if you already know HTML5 and Javascript and don't know XAML or C#/VB/whatever, that would be a good reason to stick with HTML5 and Javascript. Personally, just looking at the BUILD videos where they use Javascript makes me want to strangle something, so I'm sticking with XAML and C#, which is far, far more readable and maintainable to me.

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    , Ian2 wrote

    @timmewinsa:IMO At the moment cross platform phone apps developed using HTML5 are likely to be a compromise in terms of getting the best out of the mobile platform - but the plus side is you only have to have a single HTML5 savvy team or person!  The argument for proprietory is you will get the best out of the platform, in terms of bling and performance, but at the cost of multiple development teams/people.

    My advice is to talk to a developer who understands the jist of what it is you are trying to achieve.  If it is not too complex then HTML5 may well be the way to go.



    funny how this stuff takes me back to an old thing i was shown years back....


    picture a big triangle and each side has

    a)  Cheap - low cost

    b)  Fast - short time to market

    c)  high quality - maximum use of the hardware / platform /design


    you can pick any two sides and the price will not be to bad to get it done but you can't have all three.

    the HTML / Native app debate is yet another example ....

    want a fast and cheap app then you can do it in html but you will not be able to make full use of the underlying platform it runs on w/o spending a bunch  of cash....  and that makes it not cheap.

    you have to pick a set of features and be able to live with the cost in time and quality and deal with it. 

    the only "cross platform html"  is html with no css and no js and it may look different on each device.

    really.... that's it. untill the browser makers and the W3C  all get together and make one real working platform... which might just happen some day ... but i am not holding my breath...



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    Well don't think that the HTML5 way of Metro apps is the "easy" way. It was a very overly difficult learning curve to get things running. You need to learn what the Hell fragments are, how they work, the JavaScript nuances of WinJS, the special -ms CSS you need to use in places, the special controls like ListViews, their item templates.

    Was NOT fun the first app we did, and it was for Microsoft...

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    I have had to take a step backwards several times in my techy life.  GEM to Dos, FoxPro to Visual Basic (at least for data driven apps - it sucked with all that separate dao->rdo->ado crap), Desktop apps to ASP (that was painful).

    I have done loads of HTML in my time but I am personally not compelled to go from something as nice as XAML back to the mess that is HTML5 if I can possibly avoid it. 

    I'm not a luddite, but I'm also not a masochist.

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    Use what you want, what you already know...

    If you're a C#/VB.NET/XAML developer, then use XAML. If you're a web dev, then use HTML5.  The folks with the steepest learning curve are C++ developers since they haven't used XAML or HTML/JS before to build UI for native Windows applications.


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    Well the main point Charles, is that the whole HTML5/CSS3 mantra for Metro apps was supposed to bring in web developers to build Windows 8 apps. Expand the developer base. The issue is that the learning curve of Metro HTML5 and WinJS is beyond ridiculous...thus I think a failed experiment.

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    Think there's a bug in your blog system. That is the right Url, but direct link to post doesn't work.

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    , Harlequin wrote


    Think there's a bug in your blog system. That is the right Url, but direct link to post doesn't work.

    There is a subtle space behind his blogspam link and IE doesn't seem to convert it anymore to %20

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    Good discussion.... Thanks!

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    I hope you XAML and HTML5 enthusiasts are looking carefully at companies like Unity3D, NoesisGUI and Silverform.

    NoesisGUI has plans to release their product by the end of 2012 with full support for Android, IOS, Unity3D and more.  I joined their Beta program a couple months ago and was very pleased with the DirectX support currently available.  They have promissed a Beta for July 2012 with Unity3D support and shortly after with Android and iOS support.

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    It suddenly dawned on me: When talking windows development, Microsoft didn't take any chances and provided 2 options XAML and HTML, but when Nokia chose the new platform it did take its chance and went with Windows Phone only.

    BTW, I think Microsoft acted wisely by offering HTML/CSS alternative, because since its inception so many years ago, XAML didn't produce any killer apps. None. It might be the most advanced framework for UI, but it sure didn't leave its mark.

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    @csharprules: NoesisGUI was recently released with integration with Unity. Anyone that want to test it can join the beta program.


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    @sfernandezv: Looks like a browser plugin...what does it have to do with Windows 8 apps?

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