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    Windows 8 will be the 1st consumer version of Windows since Windows 3.1 that I will not upgrade to. Yes I get Metro, and I see why it is important. I even suggested something almost identical to Metro before MS went down this path. I can joke and say Windows 8 was my idea but I don't want to be associated with it.

    However the part I'm not getting is why the desktop had to be castrated for the sake of Metro. Why? Those of us doing real work writing non-finger applications that will never work in Metro are now being force-fed a UI that does nothing but frustrate.

    So far the best responses have been along the lines of "once you get used to it, it is not so bad". Instead it should have been "this is an excellent next step of the desktop which has been evolving over the last 2 decades".

    I'm not buying "the desktop metaphor doesn't work anymore because a computer is not a real dektop". The only thing on my Windows 7 desktop that vaguely resembles a physical object is the recycle bin. Everything else is specific to a computer. My physical desktop doesn't have a start menu, a task bar, icons, a control panel, etc.

    My feeling is that MS is going to be hit hard by going into this direction. I hope they recover because if there is one thing that I would really hate happening is Apple getting a monopoly on the desktop. If we thought an MS monopoly was bad... This is the worst time for MS to be doing reckless experimenting while Apple is in a situation where they can't do any wrong and is currently severely overhyped by everyone.

    MS is/was innovating for a long time with development tools/languages etc, while Apple hasn't done much in that regard. Yes apparently that doesn't matter and as far as I can tell, MS has been stumbling badly recently with their lack of clear message, inability to stick with one platform/framework and evolve it instead of abandoning them every few years, and now this whole Windows 8 fiasco.

    Maybe MS thinks they can pull another Vista and recover afterwards with Windows 9 again, but this is the worst time to think that is going to work again.

    Very disappointing to say the least.