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    no plan at this time to buy windows 8 for my desktop or my laptop or at work.

    at work we have zero plans to use windows 8 at this time.

    i will look at what they do with a new release and i will possibly get a tablet but not unless i see a huge reason. 

    my take is that the windows tablet is a good idea and they should have done it before now.

    i would have rather they had went with two OS options

    WIndows 8 - desktop and laptop users who do not want the metro stuff on boot.

    WIndows Tablet 8 for the ones who want it.

    WinRT  - possibly the one real inovation but it's not ready for most of the windows system.

    and MS has totally managed to create a perfect storm of bad press / mixed up messages / lack of information around the whole windows / .net / wpf / silverlight / windows phone to the point where no one can figure out what's going to happen and while trying to get some new developers are also going to lose a lot of developers at the same time.

    it's funny to see that of late the MS stock has actually gone up in price .... waiting to see what happens after the release of windows 8.

    will it stay around $30 bucks ?  or will it drop below $20  ?