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    It has now been 4 weeks since this re-imagined operating system preview was released, and I am curious to know if everyone is using it at their main OS or if like me you are not using it at all.

    Developers are pretty scathing - in fact, I would say excoriating - when they dislike something. I have come to develop very thick skin, because even in a team, if someone does not understand the reasons for you writing things a certain way, or opting to use framework X over framework Y (MVVM Light over Caliburn for example) they still get on with coding, but moaning non-stop. I think the ability for developers to jump teams on project is a great thing to have (like Microsoft), because since everyone in a team is always vying for recognition, there is a lot of pointless back-chat an negativity that can develop, developers are frequently in the wrong, but never admit it.

    The reason I write this is because when the CP was released, you typically had this bitching and moaning that developers are so good at. Never satisfied, and a lot of the time, they are at fault. I would be curious to know if you think there is any chance of the start button making a comeback? I doubt this will happen, as this is central to the re-imagined operating system.

    Josh Smith has probably sacrificed his MVP status for this post, I certainly hope he does not lose it but he raises a point that I think most people are thinking but no-one is saying. When this guys dad using Win 8 video was initially posted it was a few thousand hits, but it is approaching a million. I have been reading the comments on the Win 8 blog, and people are communicating their disbelief at the removal of the start menu and Steve is aware of the backlash.

    Are you working on a Metro app, do you now, in hindsight, think that it is viable as platform for the future, and think people have just complained because they are just old farts that won't change?