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    Larry Osterman

    My personal laptop is running the CP (about to upgrade to the current build), my dev machine is running whatever build was Monday's daily build (I upgrade my dev machine every Monday) (one of the nice perqs of working on the windows team).

    I want to be running the CP on 2 machines at home, unfortunately there's an issue with the USB configuration for one of my devices that prevents CP setup from installing on those machines (it's fixed in current builds).  I'll be putting the next public release on the home machines as soon as I can.

    On the other hand, I'm a bit of a self-hosting nut - I've been self hosting Win8 on my laptop and dev machine since shortly after Win7 shipped.

    The OS has been wonderfully stable this entire time (except for a couple of rather notable exceptions - one filesystem issue that caused it to not be able to recognize the volumes that contain my source enlistments, and a chkdsk related issue that cost me a bunch of personal documents (stupid me, I had no backup)).

    One of the fun things about self hosting for so long is being able to see how the system has evolved over time (the same was true for Win7 watching as it evolved from Vista).