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View Thread: Windows 8 Copy & Paste bug
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    Sven Groot

    , vesuvius wrote


    As it so happens, I have decided to run as a limited user now when using the internet so I am logging in as a limited user, after some malware installed an exe in c:\program data and would stop task manager running and take over my desktop. 

    I'm running as a limited user, I have done so since XP, and still don't have any issues with copy/paste. I also don't have any issues copy/pasting between regular and elevated processes (there are no security restrictions on that, I think lensman is confused with drag/drop between processes of different accounts or integrity levels which is restricted).

    You still haven't described what your problem actually is, other than "it's broken". Can you give a concrete example with repro steps of something that doesn't work?

    I do also experience this issue in notepad where it is almost impossible to target............

    I'm not sure I understand this... Are you using a mouse or touch?