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View Thread: Windows 8 Experience on Laptops is Poor
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    Hi All,

    I am using Windows 8 on my laptop and have done so since it was released. I find the interface an interesting concept and with a touch tablet or some such device it is I am sure a wonderful experience. However on a laptop and standalone computer I find the Windows 8 interface to be very frustrating to use.


    What we need is a faster interaction for these users for example:

    1. Use the mouse to drag screens around and not be forced to use the scroll bars which are so Windows 3.1.

    2. Double clicking selects an item say an image which should then offers up the edit tool options. Within these options should be included any relevant user install software for example Photoshop or Gimp. The user could also set their editing software as the preferred option so next time the image would open automatically in that program with and other options still shown on the options bar.

    3. Placing the cursor at any of the edges of the screen should provide a pop out box with options rather than having to right-click and getting top AND bottom options appearing.

    4. More use of key combinations should be adopted. For example we currently have ALT + arrow keys to go back-and-forth between different sites in Internet Explorer which is very useful so why not introduce CTRL + arrow keys to go back and forth within a web site? Which speeds up the user experience

    These are just a few of the concerns I have with Windows 8 however, little things like this would, I feel, greatly enhance the user experience within Windows 8 for those who are not using touch screens. I hope someone will look at these and other such issues and remedy them prior to releasing Windows 8 into the wild.