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Windows 8 Mango

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    I figure that Windows 8 will sort of be like Windows Phone 7, in that something like a 8.5 will be released for the Wow factor. But then again, perhaps the Consumer Preview will be the Mango. With all the copies of Windows 8 projected to be sold, it seems like a good time to be a Windows developer.


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    Hi JoshRoss, Hello , do you know when the lumia 900 will release in your country?

    I very like and care this phone. Please tell me any thing if you have. Thank you Smiley

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    I assume will also add the ability to dev in WinRT as well as Silverlight and XNA?

    I'm thinking maybe an upgrade to Silverlight to 5 - which would be awesome (not least of all for low latency sound).

    I assume the guts of the O/S will completely change while the GUI will largely stay the same, but just speculating.

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    Not sure I get the Mango/Consumer Preview analogy. Mango was a "version 2" of the WP7 OS. Consumer Preview is the first real beta of Win8. Windows 8 isn't even gold yet, let alone having a "Mango" version.

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