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View Thread: Windows 8 RTM is available now on MSDN and Technet, if you have a subscription
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    @Dr Herbie: Yep.  Do that because my "hours" may have increased.  I ran across a couple of things in the license terms that as a business I need to check into more.  they are:

    (minus) licensed on up to 2 processors on the licensed computer.

    (plus) allows up to 20 devices to connect for file services, print services, iis, and internet connection sharing.

    (minus) remote desktop to Windows 8 by "other" users requires the "other" users to be running Windows 8 or Windows RT.  not sure what "other" really means.

    (minus) h.264/avc, mpeg-4, and vc-1 stuff is for consumer use only.  will need to check and see what business users can do to prevent violating.  looks like nothing needs to be done after reading the mpegla stuff but not sure completely yet.