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Windows 8 Refresh

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    I've been having a problem with the Windows 8.1 update which I think is due to a partially broken bootloader (an interesting side effect of this problem is that the system won't shutdown or hibernate - I have to restart it and then kill it when the boot menu comes up...). Try as I might all Windows' built in tools (bcdedit and so forth) as well as third party tools (e.g. Easy BCD) are all refusing to repair it/allow me to modify it/allow me to view it. Thus my question is this:

    If I use the refresh option to (sort of) reinstall Windows will it interfere with my Linux partition on the same disk that was created after Windows was installed (FWIW Windows was installed by the OEM before I bought the machine)?

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    I don't know if it's an issue, but with the preview version of 8.1, the refresh stopped in the middle and asked for the Windows 8.1 install media.

    It's probably fixed, but you might want another computer to use if things go south.


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    Not that this in any way answers your question Godders and this only somewhat related...

    We actually ran the Windows 8.1 'refresh my pc' choosing to keep existing files etc and were pretty surprised when it rolled back to 8.0 and removed ALL apps (but kept the files). I would have thought it would have refreshed to 8.1 and not 8.0.

    We tried this on 3 pc's (1 surface pro, 2 desktops), each one did the same. Assuming it's because it originally had 8.0 and then was upgraded to 8.1 rather than an initial full installation of 8.1. It makes me wonder what happens if you do a full install of 8.1 and then click the 'refresh pc' option - assume it keeps it at 8.1?

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    OK, so I think I'm going to have to perform this in the coming days, I'm just trying to redownload the update in case it was corrupted first - but I'm seriously annoyed about the lack of documentation I've been able to find on the refresh system.

    In addition to my question above I'm uneasy about what exactly "your files won't change" means. I store a bunch of documents in C:\mymainworkfolder. Will this be safe in the process? If it doesn't change any of my files does this mean that Programme Files on my newly refreshed Windows will be filled with inherited garbage (or does "remove your apps" actually mean it runs their uninstallers, rather than just nuking the registry/Programme Files directory?

    Surely these questions (essentially "what exactly does it do?") are questions any sane person would ask before carrying out the operation yet the only Microsoft documentation I've been able to find (Refresh doesn't even seem to have an entry in Windows 8 help) is very vague - and most of the third party stuff about it online isn't much better either.

    So please, Microsoft, WTFM so I can RTFM...

    EDIT: The best I've been able to find so far is in the second half of this article.

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    Well that was productive:

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