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    , evildictaitor wrote


    If you have such uniform hatred of Windows-8, including IE, metro, the start-menu and their business-model, why upgrade to Windows-8 and then downgrade the UI with hacks, when you could just stick with Windows7?

    Wow. Who's the one filled with uniformed hate here? Thanks for bolding and underscoring the "my way or the highway" attitude Microsoft (and particularly the Windows division) seems to have these days. Oh, poor me. EvilD has kicked me out of the upgrade club.

    As Maddus pointed out there are a number of improvement that I do like; performance being one of them. The new task manager, file management progress dialogs, and even the ribbon on the Explorer I like. So I'm supposed to just deal with the holes that Microsoft has needlessly carved into into the OS and not fill them? Am I supposed to just sit on the sidelines and just hope Microsoft will do the right thing or do I install the CP and file numerous issues, suggestions, and other feedback through their official reporting channels? Oh that's right Microsoft only wants to receive good feedback since they've already made their mind up. You're right; what the * am I doing needlessly pissing up a tree? Thank you oh great EvilD for letting me see the errors of my ways.