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    , DeathByVisualStudio wrote

    Oh, poor me. EvilD has kicked me out of the upgrade club.

    I think you probably need to get over yourself. I don't particularly care whether or not you upgrade. One thing's for sure. You going on and on about how you hate Windows8 doesn't change any of the features that will or won't ship in Windows8.

    So I'm supposed to just deal with the holes that Microsoft has needlessly carved into into the OS and not fill them? Am I supposed to just sit on the sidelines and just hope Microsoft will do the right thing or do I install the CP and file numerous issues, suggestions, and other feedback through their official reporting channels? Oh that's right Microsoft only wants to receive good feedback since they've already made their mind up. You're right; what the * am I doing needlessly pissing up a tree? Thank you oh great EvilD for letting me see the errors of my ways.

    I think you'll find that Microsoft only listens to constructive feedback. If you say "Using the new start menu has made me less efficient", Microsoft might engage with you. If you say "I WANT MY START MENU, waaaaa! Mooommy, Microsoft took my start menu, they're so mean, I'm going to stomp my little feet until they put it back in. I'm going to buy Windows8 and binary patch it back to Windows7, that's how mad I am", then everyone will just ignore you.

    If you really want to get heard, vote with your wallet and skip Windows8 altogether, or jump to Linux or Mac. Microsoft might really listen then.

    If you choose to give Microsoft money and install Microsoft Windows on your computer, you'll just have to live with the design decisions that Microsoft makes - the good and the bad.

    Metro IE doesn't have ActiveX. Windows8 has no start-menu. Get over it.