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    , evildictaitor wrote


    I'm not sure I remember you ever saying anything constructive about IE. You said "There are no ActiveX objects in Metro IE - what a fail", I explained why Microsoft made the decision it did, any then you went into a big hissy fit about how IE was crap and you hated Microsoft.

    LOL. I give valid issues about Metro IE and all you turn them into "hissy fit". You response on the contrary is quite the hissy fit, defending everything Microsoft has done with Metro IE, crying about how IE has been unjustly labeled as slow and insecure. "You can always use the desktop version" excuse is nothing more than "you're holding it wrong." If I'm on a tablet I want some of the richness that IE has offered in the past: navigation history popup (so I can jump over redirected URLs), favorites, streaming media, accelerators for things like search and translation. On a tablet I don't want to be relegated to the desktop where my touch experience isn't so stellar. You're so hung up on ActiveX and defending the IE team you can't even see that I'm not asking for ActiveX, I'm asking for the functionality that they left on the cutting room floor when they dropped ActiveX support. IMO if people are going to have a better respect for IE like you want then Microsoft needs to avoid crippling Metro IE. They need to exceed what Apple and Google have going for them on their tablets.

    Spot on post Craig. No one wants to hear that their creation has issues but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be said.