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View Thread: Windows 8 Start Menu via Start Button
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    The start menu/orb will come back in the RTM version of windows 8.   The CP version of windows 8 is beta and microsoft is looking for feedback on the "new" stuff.  The best way to get feedback was to force people to use the "new" stuff if they chose to run the beta. 

    So far my biggest complaint and why I have switched back to windows 7 wasn't so much the missing start menu (although this was reason #2) was that the included Hyper-V was less functional than the Window Virtual PC in windows 7. 

    I couldn't get USB sharing to work nor clipboard copy.  Also the screen resolution choices were very limited, and you can't seem dynamically adjust the screen resolution by dragging the corner of the vitual window.

    I say #1 priority is get Hyper-V in win8 more functional and bring back the start menu (at least for deskotp users)