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    I can't bring myself to do it.

    It's completely possible that apps worth buying might exist. But, the store experience is so horrible that I don't even like browsing. I feel like I've walked into a sleazy motel off of some small highway in the middle of a desert. Looking around, I image that the front desk would have a black and white television sitting idle with a wire coat hanger jerry rigged to be an antenna. The clerk, while trying to act enthusiastic, would have a distinctive oily smell accompanied by the appropriate matching yellow pit stains and combover. A communal bowl of stale mints sits next to the empty toothpick dispenser on top of the marbled linoleum countertop with faux brass edging. The employee of the month plaque on the wall has two entries filled-out of twelve, but hasn't been updated since 1972. Many of the tiles in the floor are cracked or missing. 

    How did things get so bad?