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View Thread: Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Channel 9 app
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    Sven Groot

    I just tried it. The app looks nice, definitely a nice way to view videos. Some feedback points:

    1. Forum interaction is a must (including the ability to view and make comments on videos).
    2. The video viewer is very small.
    3. the streaming video quality is rather low if viewed full screen. The app kind of defeats its own purpose if the only way to get good quality video is to download it.
    4. A live tile showing the featured shows would be great, especially for someone like me who doesn't visit the C9 home page often (usually I go straight to the Coffeehouse).
    5. Some context would be nice (for a show or series, show a list of the other videos).
    6. The app is somewhat plain looking with the white background.
    7. Regarding the bar that comes up from the top: it was really, really unclear that those two videos on the bar are the previous and next post. I didn't get that was what they were until I hovered and got the tooltip, which I don't think you could do on a touch device.

    Regarding point 2, 5 and 6, this is what the app looks like on my 1920x1080 screen (27" LCD):

    Generic Forum Image

    The video player is only 290px high! That's smaller than even YouTube's smallest player size (360px). It's postage stamp size, completely unsuited for watching. Yet as point 3 points out, if I go full screen it becomes a blurry mess because the quality isn't good enough.

    The video is the most important thing on this screen. It should be front and center, yet in this design it feels crowded out by the description. And the vast majority of the screen is empty.

    Regarding point 5: context is offered through the Going Deep button, but this is a very different type of action than the download and options buttons, yet it looks the same. It would be better if that were a link in the header or something, or at least visually distinct from the other two buttons.

    Even better would be to use some of the white space to show other episodes in this series, so I don't have to go to a separate page to view other episodes.

    Compare for example the "Uitzending Gemist" app, which is an app from the Dutch public TV networks that lets you watch missed TV broadcasts (it's a front-end for

    Generic Forum Image

    The video is big: it's clearly the most important part of the page, and other available episodes of this program are listed on the right for easy access. The app is also less plain looking because of the background.